Important types of Essays in Academic Writing

Important Types of Essays in Academic Writing

 “Writing can transform the way a person sees the world. You have the power to change the world with your words.”

Oh! The brutal challenge of writing an essay without losing your mind. It is a challenge, alright!

When you think about essay writing, does a frown appear on your face? Do you recall all the essays you have written in your academic life?. Does it make you stressed and uneasy?

It takes a great deal of talent to make a non-fiction piece of writing exciting and full of creativity. Not everyone can naturally create an essay that will make an impact. The most crucial part of essay writing can be the tone you use. Unfortunately, if you are not aware of the type of essay, the style can ruin your document.

Therefore, a student must be well aware of an essay and the different types used with their respective topics? In this blog, you will learn:

  • The meaning of an essay
  • Purpose of writing an essay
  • Types of essays and how to write them.

What are Essays?

When you think about essays, what comes to your mind? What do you think these are? Can essays be written on any topic?

Essays are an extended and formal form of story writing. Although essays can be written at any stage of a student’s life, they help improve writing skills and sharpen communication techniques. In addition, it allows students to set their facts and arguments in place and present them before their professor or teacher.
Essays can be short in length or longer, depending upon the type of essay and its purpose. Although essay writing is helpful for your academic life, it can also make a living for some people. There are professional essay writers who, with the help of their expertise, have made academic life easier for many students. These essay writing services have been around for a while now, providing the genre of essay that one requires.

Essay writing will come in handy in almost every stage of your life. It doesn’t only serve its purpose in academic life to gain good grades. Essay writing builds your general knowledge and enhances your critical thinking.

The Purpose of Essay Writing

Before we get into the purpose of essay writing, we need to know why assignments and essays are given to students in their academic lives. First, coursework helps learn a topic most practically. A student who does days of research will have a hard time forgetting said topic.
It is the best way to make anyone understand the elements and fundamentals of a topic.

Secondly, coursework improves your writing skills and helps you build your writing style. It is this style that aids you in your professional life. For example, it helps you write proposals and cover letters.

Essay writing is the best form of coursework because it targets both these skills in one go. You are expected to compose an informative and persuasive composition. You require massive research and excellent writing skills to get the attention of your reader.

The entire purpose of essay writing is to provide information with support facts in the most attractive manner.

Types of Essay Writing

“Essay writing is an art that can be mastered by practise and practise only.”

There are many types of essay writing. Each has its purpose and pattern. To understand the one you need for your essay, you need to understand the style first.  The types of essay writing are as follows:

1. Narrative Essay Writing:

Narrative essay writing is the most widely used essay writing style. It is the very first one taught in schools. As the name entails, narrative essay writing is the narration of a story or personal experience. The essay is very detailed and written from the perspective of the author. There are dialogues and metaphors used. Most professional essay writers are aware of all the elements of these types of essay writing.

Narrative essay writing helps students build their imagination or unfold an event in the author’s life. You may use the pronoun “I.” But do not overuse it.

The writing should be precise and clear. US essay writer has been trained to write the best narrative essays.

2. Descriptive Essay Writing:

Descriptive essays are somewhat similar to narrative essay writing as it gives way to creative writing approach. However, descriptive essay writing is entirely based on the subject matter, whether an event, a person or an object.
A descriptive essay is wholly focused on the subject, presenting it from different perspectives and ideas. Therefore, the paper should be written in-depth technique. The reader should see everything you see, feel what you feel, and agree with your present perspective.

Descriptive essay writing must have the most descriptive adjectives that conjure the most senses of the reader. This types of essay writing are most used when there is an event that needs to be described.

3. Expository Essay Writing:

An expository essay does not care about opinions and feelings. There are facts and facts only. When you write an expository essay, remember that you cannot write anything that gives information about the subject. You can not use an informal tone and cannot use pronouns such as “I.”
An expository essay writing style is the easiest if you think about it. You do not need to weigh in the matter. However, you need to provide technical facts and statistics.

An expert explains the expository essay structure in the following manner:

The introduction should include a thesis statement that gives an accurate idea of the essay. The body should provide straight-up factual. Finally, the conclusion must contain all the points made in the entire essay, summarizing the topic at hand.

4. Argumentative Essay Writing:

The argumentative essay is one of the most challenging to compose. It is the only essay where your claims should be backed up with supportive facts. Much like a lawyer presenting its case to the courtroom, your writing should be able to make facts that win the case.

You should provide both sides of a case and then choose a side you will prove with reasoning. The professional essay writer does not use pronouns such as “I” and “you”. Instead, they make sure to put in unbiased information.

5. Persuasive Essay Writing:

A persuasive essay, much like an argumentative essay, presents the facts and information to persuade the readers. It is one of the types of essay writing that convinces the reader to take sides, the author uses logic and emotional appeal to make his case.

The essay starts with two sides of a point, then the authors choose the side they want and make points to support said side. It requires persuasive adjectives and verbs.

6. Analytical Essays Writing:

An analytical essay is the analysis of a literary text. You are breaking down the text into small pieces and presenting your perspective through the help of explanation. The literature text is about a person, a process or an event. The analysis is clear up the meaning of the original author. The investigation could be done for as much as a single line.

7. Critical Essay Writing:

Critical essay, as the name indicates, gives a critical review of the literature work. The best professional essay writers can write on art, music, drama, paintings, movies, plays and even restaurants. Although the critics (writers) will dissect the subject and even explain the literary terms, their expertise is beyond an amateur writer’s imagination.

8. Compare and Contrast Essay Writing:

The compare and contrast essays are written to point out the similarities and differences of two things to illustrate the bigger picture. It is the best way to scrutinize a specific topic and make the readers understand the different aspects of the subject.

9. Cause and Effect Essay Writing:

The cause and effect is an essay that explains why or how one event prevailed over another one. The theme is dedicated to explaining the reasons and effects of a specific event that gave birth to a consequence. Many students avoid these essays, as they are tough to compose. Hence they approach the experts at the best essay writing service for help.

How USEssayWriter Facilitate Students in Writing Different Types of Essays?

The US essay writers have been around in the essay writing service for the longest time, and they are well familiarized with the different types of essay writing styles. In addition, the US essay writers facilitate the students in many ways such as:

Touch of the Expert Writer:

A strong structure of an essay is not easy to compose. Only a very experienced writer can do it. Moreover, each type of essay has its theme and motif, which takes experience to create.

This is where the US essay writer comes in. They take over and submit quality work within the given timeframe.

Verified Information:

The essays are composed after US essay writers do heavy research on the topic. It is crucial to do a good amount of research before starting a paper. If not done correctly, then the quality of the essay gets significantly affected. Unfortunately, most students don’t have the time and energy for such in-depth research and prefer to get help.

Multiple Revisions:

Professors can be pretty nitpicky when it comes to essays. As a result, students are expected to do multiple revisions. The grades are included in your semester examinations, and your GPA can significantly be affected. Due to this reason, many students outsource their papers to be written by expert writers for better results.


Did you find this blog post helpful and interesting? Did you know about the different types of essay writing? How each type serves its purpose? If you still confused, please contact to our customer support.


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