If you are a freshman and hearing the word “academic” leaves a sour taste in your mouth? Then rest assured you are not the only one who feels this way. Despite it, there is no escaping from academic writing assignments. So you might as well just learn what it is all about.

Good academic writing shows that you have great knowledge of your topic. The students need to learn Academic writing. It teaches them how to think hypercritically and accurately. It also teaches them to communicate complex ideas in a well-structured and concise way.

What Is Academic Writing?

Academic Writing is writing which conveys your ideas, information, and research to a wider academic population. It should be structured, backed up by evidence, critical and precise. Furthermore, you have to write it in a balanced, objective, and formal tone.

Major Types of Academic Writing

There are four major Types of Academic writing, which are as follows:

Descriptive Writing:

This is the least complex form of academic writing. Its main aim is to provide facts or information. If as a student you get to do this type of writing you must be a lucky person. This is because it will help you clarify your understanding regarding a certain subject topic. Moreover, it will encourage you to enhance your vocabulary.

Analytical Writing:

Analytical writing is evaluative and critical. It requires you to restructure the information and facts into categories, types, or groups. These categories are sometimes a part of the writing process and sometimes you need to add them.

The instructions for an analytical essay include:

  • Analyze
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Relate
  • Examine

If you want to make the writing more analytical then:

  • Spend a good amount of time planning and brainstorming.
  • Create a heading for the categories you find. For example, Pros and Cons.
  • Built each passage around one of the analytical categories.
  • Clarify the structure of your paper to the reader. Use a comprehensible introduction and topic sentences.

Persuasive Academic Writing:

Persuasive academic writing displays your reasons to show that your prospect is more legitimate than others. You have to add a persuasive element in at least the discussion or the conclusion of your research article. With every claim you make in persuasive writing, you need to back it up with evidence. For example, reference to any relevant research findings or published sources.

The instructions for a persuasive essay include:

  • Argue
  • Evaluate
  • Discuss
  • Take a position.

Critical Writing:

It is common for postgraduate and advanced undergraduates to get critical academic writing assignments. It is similar to persuasive writing but you have to add at least one other perspective. This perspective should be apart from your point of view. For example, you may elaborate on a researcher’s interpretation or give your own alternative interpretation.

The instructions for critical writing include:

  • Critique
  • Debate
  • Disagree
  • Evaluate

The Purpose of Academic Writing

While different types of academic writing differ in requirements, the few common purposes are:


Using authentic and accurate words is a purpose of Academic writing. Some students may use phrases like “many people say” or “once a person said”. These phrases are not comprehensible and are considered inaccurate in academic writing. Therefore, you should not use them.


Usually, you may use simple language and it is a very comprehensible way. This should not be the case when you are doing your academic writing assignment. You have to use more accurate language. It includes all prospective, grammar, phrases, clauses, qualifying adjectives, subordinates, etc.


When writing the content you should focus on one thing. That is what the topic goal is rather than focusing on what your audience thinks about the topic. To be objective is all about the discussion about the central idea. So, you should write the information relevant to your topic detaching from your opinion.

Importance of Academic Writing in Student Life

Enhances Students’ Analyzing Skills:

While writing an academic assignment, students look at somebody’s work then form an informed opinion on it. They do not just describe somebody’s ideas but think why it was carried out. This also includes finding what its uses are in the future.

Conveys Students’ Understanding of The Topic:

Academic Writing allows students to explain what they have learned. They can use the correct terms and styles to make the information understood by the reader.

Increases Focus on Technique and Style:

As a student, you have to learn about the style and how to write essays early on in your academic career. This will make it easier to submit papers throughout your academic years.

Many lectures have designated styles and academic writing forces students to consider them when writing their papers. Understanding the technique may be tough for some students. If that is the case for you, then professionals like US Essay Writer can help you out.

Vital Rules for Academic Writing

Rule #1 – Write Formally and Clearly:

You should write in a formal tone but do not go overboard with it. To maintain the formality of academic writing, avoid these things:

  • Shortened forms such as shouldn’t.
  • Popular phrases or cliches such as at the end of the day or in a nutshell. Replace it with phrases like: Finally or in summary.
  • Casual everyday words such as really, okay.

Using the correct punctuation and grammar is equally important.

Rule #2 – Write with Precision:

Do not use expressions that are not your own and use straightforward language. The goal is to make the reader understand what you are communicating in an academic essay.

Rule #3 – Write for a Motive:

Every Academic essay you write has a motive. It can provide information, outcomes of somebody’s research, Critique on somebody’s research. Also, it can provide your research finding and ideas based on academic research.

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This will mark the end of the guide. Consider, all the information stated above regarding Academic writing and stay prepared for the future.

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