List of Best Nursing Research Paper Topics for Students with Examples

Best Ideas for Nursing Research Paper Topics for 2022

For completing a nursing degree, students are required to submit a nursing research paper to demonstrate their knowledge in a specific field of nursing. Nursing is a large area that requires additional effort to discover engaging nursing research paper ideas. Discussing which topic will be the most incredible fit is beneficial.

Our writers have listed unique nursing research paper topics for the students’ assistance.

Topic #1: In the nursing profession, the incidence of burnout syndrome

Aims and Objective:

Burnout syndrome is starting to be recognized as a severe occupational condition affecting nurses. The condition causes serious health issues in those who have it. This paper will evaluate the burnout levels in a group of nurses. This study aims to assess the incidences of burnout. This paper will identify the variables concerning burnout and propose a risk profile for this syndrome among nurses.

Topic #2: Importance of having a good relationship with a patient

Aims and Objective:

This paper’s objective is to explore nurse-patient relations from different dimensions in the health care context. Besides having several studies related to nursing, few have shown concern regarding this issue. Nurses who build reliable connections display a holistic approach to caring, demonstrating knowledge of their patient’s pain, being aware of their unspoken needs, providing comfort without being asked, and being dependable, adept, competent, and devoted to their care. To conduct this study, data will be collected from 10 nurses and their patients by having an open interview. Questions would be regarding their experiences with nurses to understand nurse-patient relations practically.

Topic #3: Non-verbal communication with intellectual disable patients in the profession of nursing

Aims and Objective:

This paper summarizes the most recent research on nursing interactions with nonverbal communicators with intellectual disabilities. Predominant themes about the individual with an intellectual impairment, communication skill mismatch, and communication knowledge are understood. The dearth of non-verbal communication literature makes it evident that more study is needed. To conduct this research in light of the literature, a thorough examination of the relationship between the nurse and an intellectually disabled patient will be undertaken.

Topic #4: Psychiatric mental health nursing during coronavirus sickness

Aims and Objective:

The consequences of the coronavirus caused mental health problems among many people, including health care nurses, as they continuously monitor patients during the pandemic. This paper will examine the psychological aspect of covid-19, its effect, and its treatments. This paper will use psychiatric assessment techniques to gather the data of affected subjects. This thesis will also look for possible therapies and practices used by nurses. Also, the paper will study how the pandemic affected mental health care nurses.

Topic #5: Maternal and neonatal practices in rural areas.

Aims and Objective:

This paper will examine the factors and methods used to school pregnant women regarding maternal and newborn health care. There have been training programs happened in rural areas to guide women. This paper will study those training programs and their effect. Also, this research will examine the adoption of care practices through structured interviews with government health nurses and other staff from family health programs.

Steps of Selecting Nursing Research Paper Topics 2022

Academic papers are an essential part of a curriculum that shows that student can conduct research and has a good understanding of topics. Our experts are here to assist you in every way. Here are steps on how our writers select nursing student research paper topics specifically for the students who face difficulty selecting a potential topic for their research.


Our writers first look for the relevant topics that need to be studied. They keep in check the students’ instructor’s directions.


Experts ensure that topics are explorative; a student can find possible research related to the topic and will have enough evidence to support the research.


Writers look for nursing research paper topics that can be approached differently by making personal contributions valuable.

Final list:

Specialists compile the list of research topics along with aims and objectives for ease for students. This is specifically to help you brainstorm nursing areas and address a particular research question.

Difficulties Students Face:

Finding suitable nursing topics generally causes writer’s block in most college students studying in Healthcare. Even if they are well-versed in the subject, inappropriate structure, formatting requirements, locating suitable references, and meeting deadlines sometimes make it hard to escape strict grading. Unfortunately, it provides little time and room for serious research, forcing medical students to seek quick fixes that are not necessarily trustworthy. Professional medical research papers should incorporate accurate professional words and definitions and a relevant citation to support the concepts stated.

  • Many students don’t know how to study a topic, so they choose the wrong one.
  • Students have a hard time deciding which direction to choose because they have no idea what to do.
  • Most students struggle because the topic must ensure that the heading is adequately focused on a specific region that contains sufficient information. If the issue is not rightly chosen, a student will definitely struggle while searching for secondary reading material.

How our Experts Assist Students:

We have professional essay writers with specializations in nursing and health care services that understand the peculiarities of each issue and thoroughly satisfy the initial essay writing directions. Students who use our service receive assistance at all phases, from selecting a good topic or thesis to proofreading, grammar, and formatting checks. Our writers can even provide the customer with a nursing research paper sample for quality assurance. We guarantee that your content will be of the highest quality and created entirely from scratch. We never deceive individuals by offering them copied content.

We customize paper according to clients’ demands and educational levels. Instructions will be followed to the letter. Our writers create material that is perfectly tailored to the specifications provided by our clients. We make high-quality material while following all of our customers’ instructions. If you have a written paper that pattern has to be followed, you can share a nursing research paper example with the writer, and they will keep it confidential.

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