Movie Analysis: Coco Summary Essay


Coco is a 2017 American computer-animated fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It stars Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garca Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach, Renée Victor, Ana Ofelia Murgua and Edward James Olmos. The story follows Miguel (Gonzalez), who is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead and seeks the help of his deceased musician, great-great-grandfather, to return him to his family. The film was praised for its animation, voice acting, music, visuals, emotional story, and respect for Mexican culture. It grossed over $807 million worldwide and was chosen by the National Board of Review as the Best Animated Film of 2017. Now let’s move on to the coco summary.

Back Story

Writing the script was “the hardest nut to crack,” according to Unkrich. In earlier iterations of the movie, Miguel (previously called Marco) had to race over the bridge in one case to return from the land of the dead according to a different universe rule. One version of the tale uses the curse of his family singing when they speak as a way to introduce music to a tale in which music is forbidden.

Summary of the Movie Coco

A young woman from Santa Cecilia, Mexico, named Imelda marries a young man who leaves them and their daughter Coco behind in order to pursue a music career. Years later, Imelda’s great-great-grandson Miguel, who has a deep admiration for the late musician Ernesto de la Cruz, picks up the guitar. He enters Ernesto’s tomb while hiding from all living beings and takes his guitar. Miguel requests Ernesto’s approval instead of accepting Imelda’s blessing on the condition that he gives up music. Miguel agrees to transport Ernesto’s photo to the Land of the Living and place it on an altar in exchange for Héctor, a homeless skeleton, helping him locate Ernesto.

Ernesto welcomes Miguel as his descendant when he sneaks into his home. Miguel finds out that in the Land of the Dead, Ernesto—not Ernesto—is Coco’s father and Imelda’s long-lost spouse. Miguel is saved by Miguel’s family, who also interrupt Ernesto’s performance to take Héctor’s photo. After a year, Ernesto’s letters to Coco reveal that Ernesto had copied his music, allowing Héctor to receive the honours Ernesto should have received. They reignite their passion in the Land of the Dead after Miguel brings his new sister Socorro to the family ofrenda.

Coco Essay and Analysis of Coco Movie

Imelda, a young woman from Santa Cecilia, Mexico, marries a young man who later abandons them along with their daughter Coco in order to pursue a music career. Imelda permanently banishes music from her family and establishes a shoemaking business when he never shows up again.

Years later, Miguel, Imelda’s great-great-grandson, now resides with Coco, his parents, and his grandmother, who is also a shoemaker, along with their family, which now includes Miguel. Miguel secretly admires the late musician Ernesto de la Cruz despite his family’s forbidding music, and he learns to play the guitar by viewing Ernesto’s old movies. Miguel accidentally knocks into the family ofrenda on the Day of the Dead, damaging a frame that held a picture of Imelda and a little Coco. He finds a concealed portion of the photo that depicts his great-great-grandfather holding Ernesto’s renowned guitar while the head of the man has been removed from the image. Miguel informs his family that he would become a musician since he thinks this shows Ernesto is his related.

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Miguel breaks into Ernesto’s grave and steals his guitar to play in a nearby talent contest after his granny destroys it. Miguel, strumming it makes himself invisible to all living things.

Nevertheless, he can converse with his skeletal, holiday-arriving ancestors who came from the Land of the Dead. They take him back, only to discover that Imelda is unable to go since Miguel unintentionally took her picture down from the ofrenda. Miguel also learns that his theft of Ernesto’s guitar has cursed him; he will perish if he does not receive a family blessing to enter the Land of the Living before dawn. Miguel accepts Imelda’s blessing on the condition that he gives up music, but he asks Ernesto for his blessing instead. A homeless skeleton named Héctor approaches him and offers to help him find Ernesto in exchange for Miguel bringing his picture to the Land of the Living and placing it on an altar there. Héctor will soon vanish as one of the forgotten if he doesn’t get to see his daughter. Miguel needs Héctor’s assistance to enter a talent contest in order to obtain entrance to Ernesto’s house, but Miguel’s family finds him and forces him to run away once more.

Miguel enters the mansion undetected, and Ernesto greets him as his descendant. When Héctor shows up, he begs Miguel once more to display his picture. A fight between Ernesto and Héctor, who used to perform together. Miguel discovers that Ernesto, who couldn’t write songs alone, poisoned Héctor and took his guitar and melodies, passing them off as his own. Ernesto confiscates Héctor’s photograph and has Miguel and Héctor thrown into a cenote hole in order to preserve his memory. Miguel learns that Héctor, not Ernesto, is Coco’s father and Imelda’s long-lost husband there.

Miguel is saved by his family, who then tells him about Héctor’s passing. Imelda and Héctor make up, and the family breaks into Ernesto’s performance to get Héctor’s picture. When the audience learns of Ernesto’s actions, Imelda’s alebrije Pepita attacks him, causing a huge bell to fall on him. Héctor’s snapshot is misplaced in the commotion. Coco’s recollection of Héctor fades as the dawn rises; Imelda and a fading Héctor immediately bless Miguel as he comes home.


Following Miguel’s rendition of “Remember Me” on Héctor’s guitar, Coco gets animated and joins in. In order to preserve both Héctor’s memory and his existence in the Land of the Dead, she first discloses that she had saved the torn-off portion of the family photo with his face on it. She then recounts her family stories about her father. Music is once again permitted once Miguel’s family makes amends with him.

After a year, Héctor’s letters to Coco show that Ernesto had plagiarised his music, allowing Héctor to be properly honoured in Ernesto’s place. Miguel introduces his new sister Socorro to the family ofrenda, which now includes Héctor and a recently departed Coco. As Coco and the rest of their family pay a visit to the living, Héctor and Imelda rekindle their passion for the Land of the Dead. For his living and deceased relatives, Miguel performs music.

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