How to Write Cause and Effect Essay?

You may have thought that writing a cause-and-effect essay is an easy task. But when you are asked about How to write Cause and Effect Essay, your mind does not cooperate.

This is not a worrisome situation . Most of the students would act the same way as you did. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to write a cause and effect essay. You should make most of this opportunity.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Before getting into the writing process, make yourself familiar with what is cause-and-effect essay writing is.

A cause and effect essay is an academic paper. It examines a situation and states its consequences. A cause-and-effect essay includes researching evidence and developing realistic claims in relevance to the topic. Students’ essays should rely on facts and research. They need to display a good command of critical thinking through the writing process. Students should also display the ability to create cause-and-effect reasoning.

Importance of Cause and Effect Essay in Education:

Most of the educational institutes hold separate classes to teach How to write Cause and Effect Essay. Writing these types of essays enhances your analytical skills. It allows you to think of multiple different solutions and work out the effects in the same paper.

Cause and effect is often a vital part of any problem-solving or decision-making process. Most of the argumentative and persuasive essays have cause and effect as their main element.

A cause and effect essay analyzes the various, often underlying cause of a situation. It also analyzes the potential or real outcomes of those causes. These essays are specifically important as a tool for thinking through complicated problems.

What is the Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay?

The essay should start with a general introduction to the cause and effect topic. It will then lead to a thesis that states the main cause, the main effect. You can also mention various causes and effects of a condition.

Primary ways to structure Cause and Effect Essay:

  • The Block Structure – When writing the body of the essay, causes are mentioned first followed by the effects. Add a conclusion as the final step.
  • The Chain Structure – When writing the body of the essay, each cause is immediately followed by its effect. Add a conclusion at the end.


Whatever structure you choose just be sure that you explain each element of the essay completely. To elaborate on complex relationships you will need evidence. This includes scientific studies, statistics, and expert testimony. If you are having trouble understanding what structure to go for, our essay help service in the USA can assist you.

How to write Cause and Effect Essay?


Step#1 – Make a list of topics:

If your teacher has not assigned you a topic already then you have to find your topic. So make a list of multiple Cause and Effect Essay Topics you are considering. Later you can decide what suits you the best. Do not pre-edit the listing. Just write down any topic that you can think of.

Step#2 – Choose your topic:

After making the list, you will choose the topic for your cause-and-effect essay. You should choose the topic that you have the most knowledge about. Choosing Cause and Effect Essay Topics based on your emotions will reduce your marks.

Secondly, choose a topic that you are interested in. This will make your writing process fun and will appear interesting to the reader.

Step#3 – Brainstorming:

After choosing your topic, you will decide the angle you are going to write from. If you have chosen the topic of third-wave feminism in the US. You can choose to examine the causes or the effects of this topic. It may not be instantly obvious which angle to take, so to choose try a simple brainstorming exercise:

  • Make a list of causes and effects separately.
  • Write down all possible causes of the third wave of feminism in the US.
  • Write down all possible effects of the third wave of feminism in the US.

Look at what list is easier for you to write. Depending on it, choose the angle of the essay.

Step#4 – Conduct the research:

Next is to do your research on the topic. When researching information choose credible sources. Remember the more you research, the more successful your essay will be. While researching, you may find some common trends and questions related to your topic. This will be helpful for you ahead.

Step#5 – Craft Your Thesis:

Next, you have to come up with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should answer the question why should the reader care for this topic?  Do not give a personal thesis statement. It will serve as a way to lead you into the meat of your research. It also lets readers know what they can expect to learn from reading your cause-and-effect essay.

Step#6 – Write an outline:

The outline of your cause-and-effect essay depends on the additional instructions given by your professor. Mostly they ask you to write a five-paragraph paper, in which case the outline will be:

  • Introductory Paragraph – here you introduce your topic and state your thesis.
  • Supporting Paragraph 1 – here you discuss one idea that supports your thesis.
  • Supporting Paragraph 2 – here you explain the second idea of your thesis.
  • Argument Paragraph – here you discuss the opposing side’s argument. For example, if you choose climate change, you may write about those who deny its existence
  • Conclusion – Here you may again mention your thesis and present any thoughts for future research on your topic.

If you find these things difficult to understand you can always take help from Professional Essay Writers nearby. Professors may sometimes ask you, to write a simple free-form essay. The most important thing then is to organize your research so that it stays in logical order.

Step#7 – Write your draft:

Once you are done with your research and outline, you can easily write your first draft. There is a pro tip for you. Give yourself some time to edit between your first and second drafts.

You can catch a break for at least a day between writing and editing your first draft. This gives you the perspective you require to spot grammatical mistakes. It also helps you find the logical mistakes and other issues that stop the essay’s smooth flow.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

There are various topics for cause-and-effect essays. It is because this essay is suitable for any subject. May that be History, literature, psychology, sociology, etc. If you are free to choose the topic then select the one that matters to you. Some examples of such topics are:

History Topics:

  • What are the main reasons and effects of World War 1?
  • The main causes of the Cold war between the US and Russia.

Psychological Topics:

  • Effects of child abuse.
  • How do learning disabilities affect a child’s life?

Even though the essays are easy, your grade depends on their quality no matter what the topic is. If you are afraid of messing it up, looking for a Cheap Essay Writing Service is not a bad option. After all, you do need a good grade to pass your semester.


Congratulations, you have reached the end of the post. The information stated above is all you need to know about how to write a cause-and-effect essay.

Best of luck for the future”


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