Best Environmental Science Research Paper Topics for Students with Examples

Environmental Science Research Paper Topics for 2022

If you don’t know what your topic is, go through the list of environmental science research paper topics provided by our professional essay writers and pick one that matches your interests.

Topic #1: A comprehensive review – Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies

Aims and Objectives

The object of this research paper is to provide an overview of mitigation and adaptation strategies for dealing with climate change. The paper will focus on how these strategies can be effectively implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve health and well-being, enhance food security, create jobs and increase incomes, promote access to clean water and air quality, fight poverty, build resilience against natural hazards such as floods or droughts, etc.

Topic #2: Climate change and its consequences: how should humanity act to prolong the safe living on the Earth?

Aims and Objective:

This research aims to investigate the consequences of climate change and its impact on our future. The human activities that contribute to climate change such as deforestation, industrial processes, and land use are affecting the natural landscapes and ecosystems which are resulting in agriculture production and water resources, etc.

Topic #3: Can baffle spray scrubbers control pollution?

Aims and Objective:

This research paper aims to know the effect of baffle spray scrubbers on the emission and dispersion of noxious gases in a landfill site. How effective they are at controlling pollution and how much they cost per day. Also what type of pollution can be controlled by these types of scrubbers and which ones cannot be controlled by them at all.

Topic #4: Droughts in counties of the Far East. How do droughts influence the soil?

Aims and Objective:

This research paper aims to investigate the effects of drought on soil properties. Also, it will determine the effect of drought on soil properties as well as how it influences the production of crops. It will also focus on the effects droughts have on soil erosion, water scarcity, and agricultural productivity.

Topic #5: Soil pollution and the quality of vegetables. Trace the links

Aims and Objective:

This research tends to investigate the links between soil pollution and the quality of vegetables. The study will also explain how soil pollution affects the quality of vegetables by identifying those factors that affect vegetable growth such as soil type, soil contamination, amount of pesticides used on crops, and other environmental factors such as water supply and temperature.

Want to Know how we Prepare a List of Research Topics? Take a Look!

Thorough Research:

To produce a list of distinctive and captivating research paper topics on environment, our experts perform in-depth research. To find the most novel research ideas with quality and scope, they pay attention to the topics of research papers and case studies published in academic journals.

Innovate Ideas:

Research provides us the power to explore new, creative, and simple project ideas. We make sure to provide a list of dissertation ideas that will help you to achieve great scores. Using the same method, we have created a list of research topics for environmental science students.

Analyzing Each Topic :

The depth of the short-listed topics is examined by our experienced analysts. They make sure the subject is neither too broad to make it tough to focus the study nor too limited to leave no room for finding pertinent information. In terms of research, the topics we select are always feasible.

Evaluation :

After selecting a topic we assess the quality and the value of the material discovered on a subject. We also guarantee that the source provides accurate information. A best environmental science research paper example is one that has been thoroughly researched and has supporting data.

Challenges Students Face when Selecting Topics for Environmental Science Research Paper

  • Students may not know how to choose an appropriate topic for a research paper.
  • They don’t have enough knowledge about the subject of their research paper. They may lack in having enough information about the topic and its background so that they can write about it accurately.
  • Another problem that students face while writing a research paper is a lack of interest and motivation in doing so.
  • Difficulty in finding reliable sources for information.

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