Step By Step Essay Writing Guideline for Beginners

Step By Step Essay Writing Guideline for Beginners

You have been writing essays since you were in primary school. As you step ahead in your academic life, essay writing becomes difficult. You should have good essay writing knowledge to find out how to write best essay? So let’s start!

What Is Essay Writing?

An essay is a piece of writing dedicated to informing or persuading the reader. There are multiple types of essays some are more formal than others. Keep on reading to find the general types of essays.

Types Of Essays:

Argumentative essay
In an argumentative essay, you have to investigate a topic. Then gather, generate and evaluate evidence. Following this, you should establish your position on the topic concisely.
Expository essay:
In an expository essay, you have to give a clear and focused explanation of the topic. There is no need for an original argument. Just write a well-organized and stabilized view of your topic.
Narrative essay:
In narrative essays, you have to use a storytelling tone. This type of essay is generally the most personal type of essay a student has to write. They can use metaphors, analogies, alliteration, and much more, freely in these essays.
Descriptive essay:
In a descriptive essay, you have to write a detailed sensory description of the subject. Your subject may be an event, a person, or a place.

Essay Writing Guideline for Beginners: Step-By-Step

Step#1 – Identify a topic

First of all, you need to select a topic for your essay. At times, you will be given a topic by the teacher so you can skip this step. If not, then you have to select a topic that fits you the best.

Choosing a good topic is the start of the essay and one of the best tips to write essay. Why so? It is simple – what makes a good topic is how interesting it is to you. Apart from this, you have to consider the interest of your reader as well. A topic that you find interesting will motivate you to write a better essay. Moreover, if the topic is interesting for the reader as well, you will get a good result.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before identifying a final topic:

  1. Is this something you are passionate about?
  2. What aspect or idea do I want to share?
  3. Are there any misunderstandings you want to sort out?
  4. Is there a best way to present this topic of information?
  5. Is this topic relevant?
  6. What makes your topic unique?

In a nutshell, identifying a topic is the start of an essay. Choosing a good topic, and meeting the criteria above is one of the tips for essay writing you should use.

Step#2 – Preparation of Essay Writing:

  • You need to write down everything that comes into your mind. You can always narrow those topics down later.
  • You should use mind mapping to brainstorm and come up with an essay idea. This includes writing your idea in the center of the paper and creating bubbles or clouds of related ideas around it.

Brainstorming is one of the incredible tips for essay writing. It helps you develop a topic more deeply and to know the connections between various aspects of the topic.

This is why teachers management tips related to time are getting a lot of attention. One such tip is setting clear goals for the day.  Question yourself why did you choose to become a teacher? Where do you see yourself going with this? What is your ultimate objective?

Next up is research. Research is the backbone of any essay. In fact, if someone asks how to write best essay? Ask them to improve their research skills.

Once you are done deciding what topic to go for, start researching it. You can refer to books, articles, newspapers as well as the internet. According to professional essay writers, you should not go for blogs with anonymous authors. Citing any of the information from such a blog is a risk. They can provide false facts and other unauthorized information which will lower your grade. Take notes of everything you find

Making An Outline:
The next step is to make an outline of what you are going to write in the essay. In this step, you basically categorize the information. To do so you have to make headings and sub-headings. This will help you organize your essay better. You will not forget any information or put it in the wrong order if you have made an outline.

Step#3 – How to Write an Introduction?

The introduction you write sets the tone for your essay. This is why you should write an introduction that is eye-catching for the reader. The introduction usually takes up 10 to 20 percent of the entire essay.

Here is what you have to write in the introduction part:

Hook The Reader:

The opening sentence of your introduction should spike the reader’s interest. They should get the feeling of wanting to read more of your document. This is what is meant by hooking the reader. According to professional writers of College Admission Essay USA suggests you should start with interesting questions related to the topic. You can also add any relevant surprising fact or a bold statement.

Give Background On Your Topic:

It is important to give context so that the reader can understand your argument. This usually includes giving background information. Moreover, you have to give an overview of important academic work on the topic, and explain difficult terminologies.

Remember to not provide too much detail in the introduction. Save these details for the body of your essay.

Present the Thesis Statement:

The last par includes you writing a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that introduces the main topic to the reader. It provides focus and signals where you stand on the topic. A thesis statement is normally one or two sentences long. It is better that you keep the length in mind. One of the best tips to write essay includes avoiding broad thesis statements.

Step#4 – How To Write Other Paragraphs?

Now you have to write the body of your essay. The body is the lengthiest part of essay writing. Depending on the type of essay, you can describe the story in the case of a narrative essay. For an argumentative essay, you will give evidence to support your argument. All of this should be in great detail.

Here are a few tips you can follow when writing the body of your essay:

  1. Explain each one of your main ideas in at least one paragraph. If the main idea takes up more than one paragraph then it is fine. Feel free to write some more.
  2. Remember to stay as concise as possible.
  3. Add practical life examples if they help in explaining your point more clearly.
  4. If you are writing a formal academic essay such as a dissertation then avoid using first-person pronouns.
  5. Refrain from plagiarism, it is a crime in the academic world.
  6. Cite all information

Step#5 -Writing Conclusion

Even though the conclusion come at the end of your essay, you should not think of it as an afterthought. As a final passage or chapter, it is your last chance to make them agree with you. Therefore you should follow the format religiously.

You have to summarize all of the main factors discussed in the essay. But remember to not eat up any details just because you want to summarize the key points.

Tips to End the Essay:

Here are a few tips to end your essay:

  1. Bring together the essay’s main points
  2. Display why your argument is important
  3. Leave a strong impression on the reader

Step#6: Editing and Proofreading:

Editing and proofreading are both parts of revision (Helpwithdisseration, 2021). A lot of students make grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors throughout their essays. (Redman and Maples, 2017) editing and proofreading can get rid of it all.

To edit your essay means you are taking care of all the structural errors. You can add or subtract information in this stage. Proofreading your essay will allow you to get rid of all grammatical. Punctuational and spelling mistakes.

After completing editing and proofreading, your essay is ready to be submitted. This step is very important. If you skip editing and proofreading your paper will contain a lot of mistakes. These mistakes will reduce the overall quality of the essay. This will not only give you poor results but you will be perceived as a weak student too.

Despite of this some students do not edit or proofread their essays. This is largely because they do not have enough time to do it. They are busy attending to other priorities. Then some students are just lazy and overestimate their writing skills.

That is why they need to take help. You should ask a friend to help you with editing and proofreading or any essay writing service in USA. You can ask your sibling to read out loud the essay and look for mistakes together.

Last Words

You have reached the end of this post. This is a very simplified version of an essay writing guideline. Feel free to tailor it according to the essay you are writing.

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Effective Ways for Teachers to Manage Work on Contracted Hours

Effective Ways for Teachers to Manage Work on Contracted Hours

Teachers are providers of knowledge and education to the students. They try their best to take care of the future by educating students. They have a lot of duties to manage on contracted hours. This post is for all the teachers who are trying their best to become manage their work effectively. So they can teach students well while looking out for themselves.

How Can Teachers Manage Time Effectively?

Set Clear Goals:

A teacher has a lot of responsibilities other than teaching students. This is why time management becomes difficult for them. Time management makes sure that you complete your work on time (Helpwithdisseration, 2021). It is as important to the teachers as it is to professional essay writers for hire.

This is why teachers management tips related to time are getting a lot of attention. One such tip is setting clear goals for the day.  Question yourself why did you choose to become a teacher? Where do you see yourself going with this? What is your ultimate objective?

An effective way for teachers to manage work is by considering what they have to do. Additionally, you should think of what you want to achieve from this. Think of this in both the short-term and long-term. You can do this by using the SMART model.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound (Chong, 2018)

Setting clear goals will give you a direction to follow. You will not get lost managing the responsibilities. Think of the tasks which take your time on contracted hours? Are they helping you achieve your teaching goals? Is it helping students achieve their learning goals? Which of the task is taking too long to complete? Are these tasks wasting your time or are effective?

Once you answer all of these questions to yourself, then you will become capable of setting clear goals.

Smart Lesson Planning:

An effective way for teachers to manage works is to start doing smart lesson planning. A lot of teachers often complain about the time they spend planning their lessons. It eats away a huge chunk of their contracted work hours. Thus, they can not pay attention to other responsibilities.

Planning your lessons is always important but spending hours on a thirty-minute lesson is not preferable. Repeating the same thing day after day will drain the life out of any teacher.

The fancy PowerPoint presentation you have made for your students took you three hours. Sure it is impressive but is it worthy? Let’s say you made a Cluedo-esque card game. It took you two hours to make them and one hour for printing them. But then again, was this really worth the effort? Sure these activities are fun you should consider other things too. For example, how much students are learning as a result of these activities?

At the end of the day, students come to school for learning. Making lessons fun does boost their learning but it can also hinder the learning process. Although it may be difficult to measure learning, it is nevertheless crucial that teachers consider the time-to-learning ratio. Is the time you put into preparing an activity actually resulting in learning worthy of your input? Does a PowerPoint actually result in more learning than a lesson delivered on the whiteboard?

Once you answer these questions, coming up with a time-effective lesson plan becomes easy. You can always try free fun learning material available on the internet which is more time-effective. For teachers managing stress, it is also a very helpful tip since working more takes a toll on them.

Time-Effective Marking:

Another way teachers can manage their time is by marking assignments and tests wisely. Time-effective marking is an effective way for teachers to manage works, therefore should not be ignored.

It is not much enjoyable about marking students’ submissions. Hence the faster you get it done the better. If you are marking an MCQ paper then your students can mark themselves instead of you. You have to exchange their papers, so no student marks his/her paper themselves. Some other students can do it, this will ensure that no biasness occurs when marking the test. The benefit of making students mark each other’s tests is that it helps them learn more about their mistakes.

Secondly, do not give a lot of homework to your students at a time. Plan and spread out the deadlines of assignments that you give them. This will ensure that you do not have piles of homework too.

Do not mark all assignments at once. Plan to mark a small load in one go, rather than leaving it till the last minute. Knowing that you have a lot to mark will put you under stress and make you procrastinate further. So for those teachers managing stress, it will be a source of relief.

You can also use technology to help you work more time-effectively. AI assistants can help you collect assignments as well as mark them.

How Do You Manage Classroom Management?

One of the teachers management tips includes the aspect of classroom management. How do they manage their classroom? Here are a few ways you can manage your classrooms:

Model Ideal Behavior:

Incorporate behaviors that you want to see in your pupils. Modeling ideal behaviors effectively teaches students how they should act in different situations. A direct method to model certain behaviors is by holding a mock conversation with the administrator. A teacher or a helper student is also fit for this purpose. Converse about a test or any other relatable topic and make sure to:

  1. Use a polite tone
  2. Uphold eye contact
  3. Do not use your phone during the interaction
  4. Let the other person speak without any interruptions
  5. Voice concerns about one another person’s statements in a respectful way

After this, you should start a class discussion. Base it on listing and expand upon the ideal behaviors you demonstrated.

Use Reminders And Cues:

When dealing with older students, give them a lot of warnings to ensure that they follow your instructions. Reminders and cues are useful methods to inspire students to follow the instructions. They are not visibly controlling and the students do not feel forced. For example, you anticipate a disruption. The disruption can be students getting out of their seats once they finish an assignment early.  In this case, give them a short reminder of what they should do in its place.

Optimize Classroom Seating:

If a student chooses his/her own seat they are quite likely to cause disturbance in the class. Therefore, you should assign students their seats by yourself. If not they will choose a seat near their friends and spend their time talking during lessons.

Remember to give students a sense of ownership in the classroom. Pairing it with clear expectations for behavior will have remarkably positive effects.

How Can Teachers Organize The Day By Priorities?

Distinguish Between Tasks:

You must know how services like Essay Writing Service USA distinguish their tasks. Basically, they complete the most difficult tasks or the ones whose deadlines are near first. You have to do the same Learn how to distinguish between the tasks. Identify which task is urgent, especially with your interactions with the students. Young students often have a request which is important to them. They need your attention right away. You can also give them a different time to come to you.

Make a list:

Creating lists is important if you want to get things done. If teachers do not write their tasks down, they will take up space in their minds. It is better to use that space for creative tasks and being productive. Holding information in your mind will get you confused and stressed out. So grab a paper and start listing.

How Teachers Should Help Children In School?

Show That You Care:

As a teacher, you need to take care of your students. It is like how businesses like Essay Help USA and others care about their customers. Although students are not your customers, they do rely on your teaching skills.

Show your concern to the students regarding the students in your class. Are there any students you have written off? Are there any students who are hard to reach or do not seem to care about their studies? Students are capable of sensing your feelings regarding them, so be very careful with your judgments.

Be Transparent and Ready to Help:

Students should easily understand how to score a good grade in their course. Give them a syllabus at the beginning of the term that explains the grading guidelines. If you assign an essay such as “How services like Do my Essay Service in USA function?” and the students need help in it, assist them. If you do not have time, give them a time slot where you can solve their problems.


You have read through the complete guide regarding effective ways for teachers to manage work on contracted hours. Now make sure that use all of these ways to make your teaching or learning experience better.

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If you are a freshman and hearing the word “academic” leaves a sour taste in your mouth? Then rest assured you are not the only one who feels this way. Despite it, there is no escaping from academic writing assignments. So you might as well just learn what it is all about.

Good academic writing shows that you have great knowledge of your topic. The students need to learn Academic writing. It teaches them how to think hypercritically and accurately. It also teaches them to communicate complex ideas in a well-structured and concise way.

What Is Academic Writing?

Academic Writing is writing which conveys your ideas, information, and research to a wider academic population. It should be structured, backed up by evidence, critical and precise. Furthermore, you have to write it in a balanced, objective, and formal tone.

Major Types of Academic Writing

There are four major Types of Academic writing, which are as follows:

Descriptive Writing:

This is the least complex form of academic writing. Its main aim is to provide facts or information. If as a student you get to do this type of writing you must be a lucky person. This is because it will help you clarify your understanding regarding a certain subject topic. Moreover, it will encourage you to enhance your vocabulary.

Analytical Writing:

Analytical writing is evaluative and critical. It requires you to restructure the information and facts into categories, types, or groups. These categories are sometimes a part of the writing process and sometimes you need to add them.

The instructions for an analytical essay include:

  • Analyze
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Relate
  • Examine

If you want to make the writing more analytical then:

  • Spend a good amount of time planning and brainstorming.
  • Create a heading for the categories you find. For example, Pros and Cons.
  • Built each passage around one of the analytical categories.
  • Clarify the structure of your paper to the reader. Use a comprehensible introduction and topic sentences.

Persuasive Academic Writing:

Persuasive academic writing displays your reasons to show that your prospect is more legitimate than others. You have to add a persuasive element in at least the discussion or the conclusion of your research article. With every claim you make in persuasive writing, you need to back it up with evidence. For example, reference to any relevant research findings or published sources.

The instructions for a persuasive essay include:

  • Argue
  • Evaluate
  • Discuss
  • Take a position.

Critical Writing:

It is common for postgraduate and advanced undergraduates to get critical academic writing assignments. It is similar to persuasive writing but you have to add at least one other perspective. This perspective should be apart from your point of view. For example, you may elaborate on a researcher’s interpretation or give your own alternative interpretation.

The instructions for critical writing include:

  • Critique
  • Debate
  • Disagree
  • Evaluate

The Purpose of Academic Writing

While different types of academic writing differ in requirements, the few common purposes are:


Using authentic and accurate words is a purpose of Academic writing. Some students may use phrases like “many people say” or “once a person said”. These phrases are not comprehensible and are considered inaccurate in academic writing. Therefore, you should not use them.


Usually, you may use simple language and it is a very comprehensible way. This should not be the case when you are doing your academic writing assignment. You have to use more accurate language. It includes all prospective, grammar, phrases, clauses, qualifying adjectives, subordinates, etc.


When writing the content you should focus on one thing. That is what the topic goal is rather than focusing on what your audience thinks about the topic. To be objective is all about the discussion about the central idea. So, you should write the information relevant to your topic detaching from your opinion.

Importance of Academic Writing in Student Life

Enhances Students’ Analyzing Skills:

While writing an academic assignment, students look at somebody’s work then form an informed opinion on it. They do not just describe somebody’s ideas but think why it was carried out. This also includes finding what its uses are in the future.

Conveys Students’ Understanding of The Topic:

Academic Writing allows students to explain what they have learned. They can use the correct terms and styles to make the information understood by the reader.

Increases Focus on Technique and Style:

As a student, you have to learn about the style and how to write essays early on in your academic career. This will make it easier to submit papers throughout your academic years.

Many lectures have designated styles and academic writing forces students to consider them when writing their papers. Understanding the technique may be tough for some students. If that is the case for you, then professionals like US Essay Writer can help you out.

Vital Rules for Academic Writing

Rule #1 – Write Formally and Clearly:

You should write in a formal tone but do not go overboard with it. To maintain the formality of academic writing, avoid these things:

  • Shortened forms such as shouldn’t.
  • Popular phrases or cliches such as at the end of the day or in a nutshell. Replace it with phrases like: Finally or in summary.
  • Casual everyday words such as really, okay.

Using the correct punctuation and grammar is equally important.

Rule #2 – Write with Precision:

Do not use expressions that are not your own and use straightforward language. The goal is to make the reader understand what you are communicating in an academic essay.

Rule #3 – Write for a Motive:

Every Academic essay you write has a motive. It can provide information, outcomes of somebody’s research, Critique on somebody’s research. Also, it can provide your research finding and ideas based on academic research.

Can We Help in Academic Writing?

Yes, we US Essay Writers can help you with all the troubles that you are facing. We have a team of professional writers that are experienced essay writers in all essay domains. They produce high-quality essays to help you get a good grade.

You can buy your essay and get help with your essays. As a student who wants to pursue higher education, you may have a dream college in mind. To get there you have to write a College Admission Essay. Things may not be in your favor if you are not well versed with Academic writing.

There is no need to worry. Gladly we provide college essay writing service USA, which can help you out. Our College Essay Writing Service employs professionals who will write your admission application. This essay will help you get you in your dream college for sure.


This will mark the end of the guide. Consider, all the information stated above regarding Academic writing and stay prepared for the future.

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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay?

You may have thought that writing a cause-and-effect essay is an easy task. But when you are asked about How to write Cause and Effect Essay, your mind does not cooperate.

This is not a worrisome situation . Most of the students would act the same way as you did. Now you have the opportunity to learn how to write a cause and effect essay. You should make most of this opportunity.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Before getting into the writing process, make yourself familiar with what is cause-and-effect essay writing is.

A cause and effect essay is an academic paper. It examines a situation and states its consequences. A cause-and-effect essay includes researching evidence and developing realistic claims in relevance to the topic. Students’ essays should rely on facts and research. They need to display a good command of critical thinking through the writing process. Students should also display the ability to create cause-and-effect reasoning.

Importance of Cause and Effect Essay in Education:

Most of the educational institutes hold separate classes to teach How to write Cause and Effect Essay. Writing these types of essays enhances your analytical skills. It allows you to think of multiple different solutions and work out the effects in the same paper.

Cause and effect is often a vital part of any problem-solving or decision-making process. Most of the argumentative and persuasive essays have cause and effect as their main element.

A cause and effect essay analyzes the various, often underlying cause of a situation. It also analyzes the potential or real outcomes of those causes. These essays are specifically important as a tool for thinking through complicated problems.

What is the Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay?

The essay should start with a general introduction to the cause and effect topic. It will then lead to a thesis that states the main cause, the main effect. You can also mention various causes and effects of a condition.

Primary ways to structure Cause and Effect Essay:

  • The Block Structure – When writing the body of the essay, causes are mentioned first followed by the effects. Add a conclusion as the final step.
  • The Chain Structure – When writing the body of the essay, each cause is immediately followed by its effect. Add a conclusion at the end.


Whatever structure you choose just be sure that you explain each element of the essay completely. To elaborate on complex relationships you will need evidence. This includes scientific studies, statistics, and expert testimony. If you are having trouble understanding what structure to go for, our essay help service in the USA can assist you.

How to write Cause and Effect Essay?


Step#1 – Make a list of topics:

If your teacher has not assigned you a topic already then you have to find your topic. So make a list of multiple Cause and Effect Essay Topics you are considering. Later you can decide what suits you the best. Do not pre-edit the listing. Just write down any topic that you can think of.

Step#2 – Choose your topic:

After making the list, you will choose the topic for your cause-and-effect essay. You should choose the topic that you have the most knowledge about. Choosing Cause and Effect Essay Topics based on your emotions will reduce your marks.

Secondly, choose a topic that you are interested in. This will make your writing process fun and will appear interesting to the reader.

Step#3 – Brainstorming:

After choosing your topic, you will decide the angle you are going to write from. If you have chosen the topic of third-wave feminism in the US. You can choose to examine the causes or the effects of this topic. It may not be instantly obvious which angle to take, so to choose try a simple brainstorming exercise:

  • Make a list of causes and effects separately.
  • Write down all possible causes of the third wave of feminism in the US.
  • Write down all possible effects of the third wave of feminism in the US.

Look at what list is easier for you to write. Depending on it, choose the angle of the essay.

Step#4 – Conduct the research:

Next is to do your research on the topic. When researching information choose credible sources. Remember the more you research, the more successful your essay will be. While researching, you may find some common trends and questions related to your topic. This will be helpful for you ahead.

Step#5 – Craft Your Thesis:

Next, you have to come up with a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should answer the question why should the reader care for this topic?  Do not give a personal thesis statement. It will serve as a way to lead you into the meat of your research. It also lets readers know what they can expect to learn from reading your cause-and-effect essay.

Step#6 – Write an outline:

The outline of your cause-and-effect essay depends on the additional instructions given by your professor. Mostly they ask you to write a five-paragraph paper, in which case the outline will be:

  • Introductory Paragraph – here you introduce your topic and state your thesis.
  • Supporting Paragraph 1 – here you discuss one idea that supports your thesis.
  • Supporting Paragraph 2 – here you explain the second idea of your thesis.
  • Argument Paragraph – here you discuss the opposing side’s argument. For example, if you choose climate change, you may write about those who deny its existence
  • Conclusion – Here you may again mention your thesis and present any thoughts for future research on your topic.

If you find these things difficult to understand you can always take help from Professional Essay Writers nearby. Professors may sometimes ask you, to write a simple free-form essay. The most important thing then is to organize your research so that it stays in logical order.

Step#7 – Write your draft:

Once you are done with your research and outline, you can easily write your first draft. There is a pro tip for you. Give yourself some time to edit between your first and second drafts.

You can catch a break for at least a day between writing and editing your first draft. This gives you the perspective you require to spot grammatical mistakes. It also helps you find the logical mistakes and other issues that stop the essay’s smooth flow.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

There are various topics for cause-and-effect essays. It is because this essay is suitable for any subject. May that be History, literature, psychology, sociology, etc. If you are free to choose the topic then select the one that matters to you. Some examples of such topics are:

History Topics:

  • What are the main reasons and effects of World War 1?
  • The main causes of the Cold war between the US and Russia.

Psychological Topics:

  • Effects of child abuse.
  • How do learning disabilities affect a child’s life?

Even though the essays are easy, your grade depends on their quality no matter what the topic is. If you are afraid of messing it up, looking for a Cheap Essay Writing Service is not a bad option. After all, you do need a good grade to pass your semester.


Congratulations, you have reached the end of the post. The information stated above is all you need to know about how to write a cause-and-effect essay.

Best of luck for the future”


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Important types of Essays in Academic Writing

Important Types of Essays in Academic Writing

 “Writing can transform the way a person sees the world. You have the power to change the world with your words.”

Oh! The brutal challenge of writing an essay without losing your mind. It is a challenge, alright!

When you think about essay writing, does a frown appear on your face? Do you recall all the essays you have written in your academic life?. Does it make you stressed and uneasy?

It takes a great deal of talent to make a non-fiction piece of writing exciting and full of creativity. Not everyone can naturally create an essay that will make an impact. The most crucial part of essay writing can be the tone you use. Unfortunately, if you are not aware of the type of essay, the style can ruin your document.

Therefore, a student must be well aware of an essay and the different types used with their respective topics? In this blog, you will learn:

  • The meaning of an essay
  • Purpose of writing an essay
  • Types of essays and how to write them.

What are Essays?

When you think about essays, what comes to your mind? What do you think these are? Can essays be written on any topic?

Essays are an extended and formal form of story writing. Although essays can be written at any stage of a student’s life, they help improve writing skills and sharpen communication techniques. In addition, it allows students to set their facts and arguments in place and present them before their professor or teacher.
Essays can be short in length or longer, depending upon the type of essay and its purpose. Although essay writing is helpful for your academic life, it can also make a living for some people. There are professional essay writers who, with the help of their expertise, have made academic life easier for many students. These essay writing services have been around for a while now, providing the genre of essay that one requires.

Essay writing will come in handy in almost every stage of your life. It doesn’t only serve its purpose in academic life to gain good grades. Essay writing builds your general knowledge and enhances your critical thinking.

The Purpose of Essay Writing

Before we get into the purpose of essay writing, we need to know why assignments and essays are given to students in their academic lives. First, coursework helps learn a topic most practically. A student who does days of research will have a hard time forgetting said topic.
It is the best way to make anyone understand the elements and fundamentals of a topic.

Secondly, coursework improves your writing skills and helps you build your writing style. It is this style that aids you in your professional life. For example, it helps you write proposals and cover letters.

Essay writing is the best form of coursework because it targets both these skills in one go. You are expected to compose an informative and persuasive composition. You require massive research and excellent writing skills to get the attention of your reader.

The entire purpose of essay writing is to provide information with support facts in the most attractive manner.

Types of Essay Writing

“Essay writing is an art that can be mastered by practise and practise only.”

There are many types of essay writing. Each has its purpose and pattern. To understand the one you need for your essay, you need to understand the style first.  The types of essay writing are as follows:

1. Narrative Essay Writing:

Narrative essay writing is the most widely used essay writing style. It is the very first one taught in schools. As the name entails, narrative essay writing is the narration of a story or personal experience. The essay is very detailed and written from the perspective of the author. There are dialogues and metaphors used. Most professional essay writers are aware of all the elements of these types of essay writing.

Narrative essay writing helps students build their imagination or unfold an event in the author’s life. You may use the pronoun “I.” But do not overuse it.

The writing should be precise and clear. US essay writer has been trained to write the best narrative essays.

2. Descriptive Essay Writing:

Descriptive essays are somewhat similar to narrative essay writing as it gives way to creative writing approach. However, descriptive essay writing is entirely based on the subject matter, whether an event, a person or an object.
A descriptive essay is wholly focused on the subject, presenting it from different perspectives and ideas. Therefore, the paper should be written in-depth technique. The reader should see everything you see, feel what you feel, and agree with your present perspective.

Descriptive essay writing must have the most descriptive adjectives that conjure the most senses of the reader. This types of essay writing are most used when there is an event that needs to be described.

3. Expository Essay Writing:

An expository essay does not care about opinions and feelings. There are facts and facts only. When you write an expository essay, remember that you cannot write anything that gives information about the subject. You can not use an informal tone and cannot use pronouns such as “I.”
An expository essay writing style is the easiest if you think about it. You do not need to weigh in the matter. However, you need to provide technical facts and statistics.

An expert explains the expository essay structure in the following manner:

The introduction should include a thesis statement that gives an accurate idea of the essay. The body should provide straight-up factual. Finally, the conclusion must contain all the points made in the entire essay, summarizing the topic at hand.

4. Argumentative Essay Writing:

The argumentative essay is one of the most challenging to compose. It is the only essay where your claims should be backed up with supportive facts. Much like a lawyer presenting its case to the courtroom, your writing should be able to make facts that win the case.

You should provide both sides of a case and then choose a side you will prove with reasoning. The professional essay writer does not use pronouns such as “I” and “you”. Instead, they make sure to put in unbiased information.

5. Persuasive Essay Writing:

A persuasive essay, much like an argumentative essay, presents the facts and information to persuade the readers. It is one of the types of essay writing that convinces the reader to take sides, the author uses logic and emotional appeal to make his case.

The essay starts with two sides of a point, then the authors choose the side they want and make points to support said side. It requires persuasive adjectives and verbs.

6. Analytical Essays Writing:

An analytical essay is the analysis of a literary text. You are breaking down the text into small pieces and presenting your perspective through the help of explanation. The literature text is about a person, a process or an event. The analysis is clear up the meaning of the original author. The investigation could be done for as much as a single line.

7. Critical Essay Writing:

Critical essay, as the name indicates, gives a critical review of the literature work. The best professional essay writers can write on art, music, drama, paintings, movies, plays and even restaurants. Although the critics (writers) will dissect the subject and even explain the literary terms, their expertise is beyond an amateur writer’s imagination.

8. Compare and Contrast Essay Writing:

The compare and contrast essays are written to point out the similarities and differences of two things to illustrate the bigger picture. It is the best way to scrutinize a specific topic and make the readers understand the different aspects of the subject.

9. Cause and Effect Essay Writing:

The cause and effect is an essay that explains why or how one event prevailed over another one. The theme is dedicated to explaining the reasons and effects of a specific event that gave birth to a consequence. Many students avoid these essays, as they are tough to compose. Hence they approach the experts at the best essay writing service for help.

How USEssayWriter Facilitate Students in Writing Different Types of Essays?

The US essay writers have been around in the essay writing service for the longest time, and they are well familiarized with the different types of essay writing styles. In addition, the US essay writers facilitate the students in many ways such as:

Touch of the Expert Writer:

A strong structure of an essay is not easy to compose. Only a very experienced writer can do it. Moreover, each type of essay has its theme and motif, which takes experience to create.

This is where the US essay writer comes in. They take over and submit quality work within the given timeframe.

Verified Information:

The essays are composed after US essay writers do heavy research on the topic. It is crucial to do a good amount of research before starting a paper. If not done correctly, then the quality of the essay gets significantly affected. Unfortunately, most students don’t have the time and energy for such in-depth research and prefer to get help.

Multiple Revisions:

Professors can be pretty nitpicky when it comes to essays. As a result, students are expected to do multiple revisions. The grades are included in your semester examinations, and your GPA can significantly be affected. Due to this reason, many students outsource their papers to be written by expert writers for better results.


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