100+ Attractive Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

In your academic career, you may encounter various types of writing, including persuasive essays. If you have never written a persuasive essay before, you must present an argument in it. You must pick a side and use hard evidence and persuasive language to demonstrate why you are correct. The idea is to convince your audience that your argument is correct, so choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you will enjoy researching and writing about. The goal of this blog is to help you express your ideas clearly and understand the importance of supporting your arguments with proof.

Your teacher or professor will most likely have specific guidelines for what your essay should include, but you may have some leeway in terms of the types of topics you can discuss and debate in your essay. With so much to argue for or about, it may be difficult to think of ideas on your own. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, take a look at the list of 100+ persuasive essay topics in 2023 below. There may be something there that you can use or modify to fit the requirements of your paper. Good luck with your writing!

What is Persuasive Essay?

You seek to persuade readers to accept your side of an argument in a persuasive essay. For example, an essay that analyzes the evolution of Italian art during the Renaissance wouldn’t qualify as a persuasive essay because there isn’t any disagreement. However, one that makes the case that the Renaissance was the peak of Italian art would be that you’re trying to persuade your reader of your point of view.

Argumentative and persuasive essays both attempt to persuade the reader to share the author’s viewpoint, but there are significant differences between the two essay types. Argumentative essays examine both sides of an issue and present a more balanced perspective. Persuasive essays place a greater emphasis on the author’s point of view.

They also frequently contain more author opinions than argumentative essays, which typically focus entirely on evidence from the text to support their claims. All persuasive essays contain the following elements:

Introduction: This is your essay’s first paragraph. It includes the hook, which is used to inspire the reader’s interest, as well as the thesis, or argument, that you’ll explain in the following section.

Body: This section, which typically has three to five paragraphs, is the meat of your essay. Each paragraph explores a particular subject or theme that is related to your thesis.

Conclusion: This paragraph serves as your essay’s conclusion. You’ll restate the key ideas from the body and make connections between them and your thesis in this section. The conclusion of persuasive essays frequently serves as a final pitch to the reader.

People use the ability to write persuasive essays on a daily basis in a variety of professions, including business, law, media, and entertainment. English students of any skill level can start writing a persuasive essay.

How to Select a Topic for a Persuasive Essay?

Every student is excited to have the chance to compose an essay on a subject of their choosing. Imagine you have complete freedom to write about whatever you want. What a thrill! Although you love the thought of picking your own subject, you find yourself blank later. All of your ideas appear to have died, and to say you’re frustrated is an understatement.

The problem is not always a lack of ideas, but rather an inability to settle on a single topic to discuss. Regardless of your current situation, the following tips will assist you in selecting the appropriate topic:

1. Avoid Common Blunders

When coming up with an essay topic, most students consider whether their professor will like it. You also discuss whether the subject is politically correct. Overthinking these issues does not help.

2. Allow Picking a Topic Wisely

Keeping this in mind, controversial topics for persuasive essays are not always required to be politically correct. You don’t have to go with titles that your professor would prefer. Experiment and be inventive.

3. Choose a Topic That Interests You,

Everyone, is passionate about something, and you can capitalize on that. Find a way to include the things you like in your persuasive essay by taking a moment to consider them. Your interest in the subject will motivate you to write an excellent paper.

4. Don’t Make That Error

Avoid considering what your professor might want to read. Concentrate on a topic that interests you or on which you can easily persuade your readers. Concentrate on the topic you want to write about rather than playing it safe and figuring out what your teacher wants to read. Think outside the box, be inventive, and don’t be afraid to try something new with your topic suggestions.

5. Collaborate with other students to come up with ideas

The main goal of a brainstorming session is to quickly generate ideas and select a topic for your persuasive essay. Everyone who comes together to brainstorm should contribute a few ideas. You’ll have more options this way.

6. Select a current issue

Simply look around you or go to a news website to learn about current events around the world. There’s a lot going on, which means you’ll have plenty of topics to write about. Picking a topic for a persuasive essay that addresses a current issue is the simplest option. For instance, social media and technology have become very popular essay topics in recent years.

7. Avoid overused topics

It is always preferable to select topics for your persuasive essay that have not already been covered by numerous students in a variety of writing assignments. Topics like drug use in the media, abortion, violence, environmental issues, and the death penalty. Different students would have written about these topics in different ways, researched them thoroughly, and expressed themselves differently. There would be insufficient new information on these topics that hadn’t already been written.

Instead, consider everything that is happening in the world right now and add your own perspective. Choosing an unusual topic inspires professors’ interest and intrigue, allowing you to start on a positive note.

8. Examine existing research materials

It is essential to choose a subject for your persuasive essay that has adequate previous research material from reliable sources. Your expertise on the subject will be weakened, your essay will fall apart, and your professor will lose interest in reading it if you take theories and points from shaky sources and research materials.

It will be difficult to write a thorough and compelling persuasive essay if there is little information available on the subject, as there won’t be many interesting or educational points to include in the body of your paper.

9. Make it specific

Choosing broad or ambiguous topics limits your ability to discuss your points in depth. That is why, when writing about a specific topic, you need to be more specific.

10. Note it down

Sometimes we have a lot of ideas, but then we forget about them. Do not allow it to happen to you! Whenever you come up with an idea for a persuasive essay, jot it down in your notebook or smartphone notes.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

For elementary school students, a simple essay topic will allow your writing to shine without being overly challenging. This section includes 15 great persuasive essays that are appropriate in this scenario.

  1. Teaching is the most difficult profession.
  2. Dogs can’t compare to cats.
  3. Better than cats are dogs.
  4. All elementary schools should close at 2 p.m.
  5. Languages should be taught in elementary schools.
  6. There should be a job market for elementary school students.
  7. Every person should have a pet.
  8. The best food is ice cream.
  9. It is important to attend university.
  10. Laptop computers should be accessible to kids.
  11. The most important factor is kindness.
  12. Outside playing is better than inside playing.
  13. Parents should be more relaxed.
  14. Pets should be permitted in schools.
  15. Toys help kids learn.

Easy Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Choosing a difficult essay topic is a great way to earn a high grade for those who enjoy pushing themselves. However, these 26 challenging persuasive essay topic ideas are not for the weak of heart, so beware!

  1. Banning books is never a good idea.
  2. Religious places should be free of taxes.
  3. The greatest problem humanity has ever encountered is climate change.
  4. Instead of devoting resources to global issues, countries should prioritize their own.
  5. Courtroom filming should be allowed.
  6. Fracking should be legalized.
  7. The right to free expression should be limited.
  8. Humanity will eventually destroy itself.
  9. Morality is not objective.
  10. Music isn’t as good as it used to be fifty years ago.
  11. Nuclear energy is far too dangerous to be relied on.
  12. Obesity is the most serious threat to global health.
  13. The police force should be abolished.
  14. Private prisons should be privatized.
  15. The scientific method contains flaws.
  16. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a new approach to education called distance learning.
  17. The benefits and drawbacks of online education (e-learning)
  18. In the Internet age, the conventional educational system is no longer relevant. 
  19. The function of study apps.
  20. It is critical to prioritize domestic terrorism over international criminal activity.
  21. Advertising to children must be restricted.
  22. Reasons why the Feminist movement devalued Motherhood
  23. Food manufacturers need to disclose how many calories are in each serving.
  24. The current tax system is unjust.
  25. Patients suffering from chronic diseases should not be admitted to mental hospitals. (topic under mental health persuasive essay)
  26. We need to stop exporting weapons to other countries.

Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School & High School

Finding a topic that is both simple to research and not too simple that it becomes overly simplistic is challenging. The following are 35 middle and high school best persuasive essays that are difficult enough to earn good marks but simple enough not to be confusing. They are appropriate for students in high school and below.

  1. Barbie is an excellent role model for children.
  2. Celebrities are poor role models for children.
  3. Christmas is the most wonderful holiday.
  4. Everyone should learn to play an instrument.
  5. Schoolchildren should be taught about healthy eating.
  6. Human cloning should be prohibited.
  7. Children should be given pocket money.
  8. Middle schools should start at 10:00 a.m.
  9. More sports should be taught in schools.(under persuasive essay sports topics)
  10. More technology should be installed in schools.
  11. Uniforms should not be worn after grade 7.
  12. Stuffed toys should not be limited to young children.
  13. Less homework should be assigned by teachers.
  14. Video games are a useful way to learn.
  15. Zoos are more harmful to animals than beneficial.
  16. Children should help out around the house.
  17. Summer classes: advantages and disadvantages
  18. The best summer vacation destinations
  19. Reasons to Continue Studying during the Summer
  20. Parents must limit the amount of time their children spend watching television.
  21. Should minorities be given special consideration?
  22. Changes to school meals
  23. The importance of the school newspaper and radio in the lives of students
  24. The average American consumes an unhealthy diet.
  25. Making school year-round: advantages and disadvantages
  26. Young people should make their own decisions about whether or not to join the army.
  27. Listening to music speeds up homework completion.
  28. Reasons to be truthful in any situation
  29. Disaster survivors start putting their lives above those of others.
  30. Life’s embarrassing moments are necessary for adults to gain confidence.
  31. Electric vehicles are the way of the future.
  32. Why time management is so important in most jobs? (See our essay on time management.)
  33. Do people’s hobbies help them in their careers?
  34. Why you should be spontaneous in life
  35. Kindness is the most important personal characteristic.

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

Opinions matter in an argumentative essay and controversy is caused by perspectives that are, hopefully, supported by facts. An engaging, debatable, and relatable subject is ideal for an argumentative persuasive essay. Here’s a list of argumentative topic ideas to get you started.

  1. Companies should stop marketing to children.
  2. CEO pay is excessive for no reason.
  3. Term limits for members of Congress are required
  4. Things that contribute to modern society’s immorality
  5. Why should diets be under government regulation?
  6. Is the modern community a waste of time?
  7. Smoking should be prohibited once and for all!
  8. The evolution of child behavior over the last decade
  9. Educate students about creationism in public schools.
  10. Are police cameras an infringement on privacy?
  11. Do we live in a disposable society?
  12. Is child behavior improving or deteriorating compared to previous years?
  13. Should businesses market to children?
  14. Should the government decide what we eat?
  15. Should term limits be imposed on members of Congress?
  16. Are professional athletes and actors overpaid?
  17. Are CEOs overpaid?
  18. Should athletes be expected to uphold high moral standards?
  19. Is it a good thing that same-sex couples can marry?
  20. Are there any advantages to attending a single-gender school?
  21. Is boredom a source of conflict?
  22. Should schools be open all year?
  23. Is religion a cause of war?
  24. The disease of autism is increasing rapidly

Fun Topics For Persuasive Essays

It is always more enjoyable to write about something amusing and entertaining. Not only does it improve your mood, but it also encourages you to maintain your creativity and develop your sense of humor. It makes reading something enjoyable even more exciting for your audience. The below list of funny persuasive essay topics will help you in starting your essay. It can also help you brainstorm and generate your own unique funny ideas.

  1. What do pets think of their owners?
  2. Things no driving instructor ever tells you
  3. Reasons to dislike one’s Surname
  4. Blame it on the horoscope if something goes wrong.
  5. The least favored restaurant is McDonald’s.
  6. Men should avoid wearing skinny jeans.
  7. Alcohol improves socialization abilities.
  8. It is possible to lengthen life by regularly drinking wine.
  9. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being a Gaming Expert

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

It’s easy to find a ton of information about controversial essay topics online, which you can use to help guide your discussion. It’s also fascinating to get your hands dirty with a problem that is extremely unique and for which there may or may not be a simple solution.

  1. Giving a judge sole decision-making authority
  2. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Biological Weapons
  3. Torture is a useful and effective interrogation tool for the most serious crime.
  4. Rejecting organized religion is a good idea.
  5. Teen suicide rates may rise as a result of their use of social media.
  6. Bullying online is just as bad as bullying in person.
  7. Legalizing euthanasia will benefit everyone.
  8. Advantages of genetically modified organisms
  9. Abortion should not be legalized.
  10. A college diploma is no longer valuable.
  11. Donald Trump was an excellent president.
  12. The possession of firearms should not be prohibited.
  13. Humanities studies are pointless.
  14. The “American Dream” is a deception.
  15. There should be no increase in the minimum wage.
  16. We don’t even realize that we’re in a simulation.
  17. The Government Regulates Political Campaign Spending

Tips for Writing an Excellent Persuasive Essay

You still have work to do after selecting the perfect subject for your persuasive essay. Follow the below tips to write an excellent essay.

1. Choose A Stance That You Believe In

Selecting a topic and adhering to a single point of view are the first steps in writing a persuasive essay. Choose a topic that interests you and a perspective that you believe in to make the entire process of reading, investigating, and writing the essay more pleasant and thorough.

In your essay, avoid open ends or ambiguous sentences. Your professors should be aware of where you stand on the issue and what you plan to convince them of from the start. So, state your case clearly. You’ve already lost your professors if they have to guess what position you are taking in the essay because they are perplexed.

2. Conduct Your Research

If you don’t fully grasp the subject matter you’re debating or if you leave out a crucial aspect of it, your case will be undermined. Someone who doesn’t understand the subject will not be believed by readers, and you are unlikely to convince any of them to start supporting your position. Your topic should be thoroughly researched before you start writing an essay. Study a variety of sources, educate yourself on all sides of the debate, seek advice from anyone who is an authority on the subject, etc. The temptation to write right away may be strong, but by conducting research beforehand, you’ll make the process of writing much simpler.

3. Complete Your Thesis

The crucial clause in your argumentative essay is your thesis. Your audience should be able to determine the topic of your discussion and your viewpoint on it just by reading that one sentence. Your thesis should be unambiguous and serve as a solid foundation for the remainder of your essay. If you’re unsure of your thesis, having it reviewed by a teacher or a group of classmates before moving on to the rest of the essay can be very helpful.

4. Consider the Opposite

As this is what you want the reader to believe after reading your essay, you’ll spend the majority of your time focusing on that side of the debate. However, this does not imply that you should disregard opposing viewpoints. Be sure to address the opposing viewpoint’s argument in your essay, along with the reasons you think it is flawed or untrue. Writing an essay that is more thorough and nuanced as a result of researching all the opposing points of view will boost the level of your writing.

5. Make An Outline

The organization of your persuasive essay’s structure and the clarity of your understanding of the points and arguments that must be included in the paper are both enhanced by using an outline. You’ll be able to organize your thoughts and present them in a clear, logical manner by creating an outline. Your arguments can then be divided into different points, with each of these sentences being anchored by its citations, illustrations, supporting arguments, and other supporting evidence.

6. Write Persuasively

You are misleading your readers if you write a persuasive essay with only a vague interest and without adequate background knowledge on the subject and reliable sources. You must avoid using language or making claims that try to persuade your audience to support your position. Put strong evidence that backs up all your claims without any inaccuracies, falsehoods, or scare tactics that might lead your readers to believe untrue things. Convince your audience to trust you so that they will accept your arguments as true when they read your essay.

7. Revision, editing, and proofreading

If you think you have completed your research paper by the deadline but there are numerous things to consider. One of the most common essays writing mistakes is failing to proofread your paper. Because your teacher reads your journals every day and can easily spot mistakes in your writing. Your paper needs to be edited and proofread to make sure it is clear, logically organized, and able to substantiate all of the claims. The final step in writing an essay is proofreading it. This entails reviewing your paper’s structure and correcting any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.


In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of 126 top-notch persuasive essay topics for you to peruse. It can be challenging to think of good persuasive essay topics. The best topics for persuasive essays are those that interest you, have sufficient evidence to back up your claim, and aren’t overly complex to be succinctly explained in an essay. Remember these three suggestions as you start writing after selecting your essay’s topic:

  1. Conduct your research.
  2. Make your thesis flawless.
  3. Consider the opposing viewpoint.

With these strong persuasive essay topics and essay writing tips, you will never be at a loss for topics to discuss. Don’t forget to revise your paper. A revision will assist in eliminating overused words, vivid illustrations, grammar errors, etc.